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HAPA medical partners with Australian Zelda Therapeutics for the advancement of clinical cannabinoid research

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While experimental studies have already unveiled many mechanisms of action for a wide array of cannabinoids, there is still a lack of proper clinical trials which hinders the practical therapeutic application of cannabinoid medicine. Our partner Zelda Therapeutics brings together some of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians active in the study and use of medicinal cannabis for various indications. Our mutual effort aims to define the most relevant cannabinoid and terpene profile formulations to treat specific indications.

To this date, a phase I, open label study will evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of our medicinal cannabinoid oil formulations in chronic non-cancer pain patients („Opioid reduction trial“). A three year study will research the effects in a large cohort of terminal cancer patients targeting nausea, appetite and pain management. Furthermore, an insomnia and an autism trial is currently in progress.


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Cannabis Becomes Medicine

HAPA pharm is an international company focused on the research, development and distribution of cannabinoid-containing drug formulations. We stand for a controlled cultivation of cannabis plants in the EU as well as for the own production of prescription medicines according to EU-GMP-guidelines.


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The therapeutic potential of cannabis is still largely unexplored. We have to point out that for cannabinoid therapy, reliable evidence of efficacy based on large randomized controlled clinical trials is available for only a few indications. Off-label and no-label prescriptions are therefore common. Therefore, the information presented on our website should not be misunderstood as a promise of healing or as a suggestion to try therapy with cannabis, but is merely for your information to stimulate medical and scientific discourse. We hope to provide you with a serious introduction to the complex topic of cannabinoid therapy on the basis of scientifically sound sources, but do not claim our info to be complete and recommend a deeper self-study of the topic to interested experts. If you notice errors on our pages, we thank you in advance for letting us know. If the medical terms or other content provided here cause you any difficulties in understanding, please ask your doctor or contact us.