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Abuse potential

Abuse Potential When comparing the abuse potential of a substance in terms of a) potential health damages, b) addictive potential and c) associated social damages, surprisingly you will not find that high risk substances are illegal and low risk substances are legal. The abuse potential of cannabis is far lower than that of illegal narcotics, …

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Routes of administration

Routes of Administration In general, cannabinoid medicine can be inhaled or administered orally. The pharmacokinetic properties differ depending on the route of administration. Which routes may be preferred in each individual case depends on the judgement of the physician, among other factors. In certain cases a combined oral and inhalative administration schedule may be reasonable. …

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Legal situation in Germany - Cannabis Medicine - HAPA medical

Legal situation

Legal situation – Medizinisches Cannabis Since March 2017 seriously ill patients are entitled to receive medical treatment with cannabis at the expense of health insurance funds in Germany. Home-growing of cannabis and passing on the medication to third parties is prohibited. Cannabis pharmaceuticals can be carried along when travelling abroad in case certain regulations are …

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