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HAPA Medical becomes HAPA pharm

HAPA pharm is an internationally active company focusing on the research, development and marketing of cannabinoid-containing products and drug formulations. The company, which previously operated under the name of HAPA Medical, has established itself as a pharmaceutical producer. With its

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Website Relaunch

Open source information on cannabinoids in health and disease Heureka, our new website is online! Our team has been working hard to optimize user experience, design, internationality and content. Let us know what you think! And thank you for your

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Pressrelease November 2018

Käfer Dachgarten-Restaurant im Deutschen Bundestag Demnächst steht in Deutschland mit dem HAPA medical Vollspektrum Cannabis Extrakt THC2.5 CBD2.5 (Lösung) ein neues Extrakt zur Herstellung eines Rezepturarzneimittels aus medizinischem Cannabis zur Verfügung. Daher laden wir Journalisten der medizinischen Fachpresse herzlich zur

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Wir lieben Innovation - Cannabis Medizin - HAPA medical

We grow innovation

HAPA medical partners with Australian Zelda Therapeutics for the advancement of clinical cannabinoid research While experimental studies have already unveiled many mechanisms of action for a wide array of cannabinoids, there is still a lack of proper clinical trials which

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